Money is a trigger word. Most people have a strong belief about it. I did. I grew up Catholic; Sunday sermons were “Money is the root of all evil.” Struggle was where it was at. My dad taught me if I didn’t have cash I couldn’t have it. I’ve had six-figure years and barely five-figure years. I’ve chased easy money and filed bankruptcy. I’ve had no debt and been drowning in it. My profession is one where it’s a badge of honor to be a “Starving Artist.” Money “ruins” the craft.

It’s taken me untold hours to excavate my beliefs around money. I’m still not done. It’s been — unquestionably — my most challenging relationship. And, as with all relationships, it’s also taught me a lot.

Because I’m a word person, what seems semantics to someone else creates architecture for me. Sometimes a subtle shift in word choice can make all the difference. Today as I was working through my Lifebook and the financial section I started to think in terms of currency (because sweetfuckholyhellDOGEandallthingscryptorightnow*).

Currency can be anything. Currency can be cryptocurrency, it can be the US dollar, it can be the Mexican Peso, it can be a bartered exchange. Sometimes a brilliant conversation can be both currency in the richness and connection AND bring me “money” thanks to a referral or idea or by simply getting me into a creative space.

Currency is also free of the historical weight — good or bad — that comes with the word money (and this is probably true of wealth v. abundance, too).

I’m curious about everyone’s money goals. Did you set any this year? I’m currently working on mine. Do they change if you set currency goals?

*Yes, I’m finally going to do a course/podcast/video series to share what I know about crypto. Sign up here to be added to the waitlist.

Mom | Explorer | Wonderer | Lover | Literary sniper. Chase what matters; ignore the rest.

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